Exploring the Differences and Similarities Between Dab Pen Versus Vape Pen

It is no surprise that there are numerous cannabis products related to the cannabis industry. Along with their massive figures are the various technicalities that leave many people feeling confused. In this article, we’re going to compare the Dab Pen vs. Vape Pen. It will help you to decide which one is better for your needs.

Regardless of if you use a dap, wax or vape pen in your smoking style, these pens contain substances that aim to get you high; a result you’re definitely looking forward to. However, even though these vaporizers have the same basic functionality, there are still a few differences between them. The biggest of which is the actual substance you’re vaping. Without proper guidance, a person- particularly a beginner, could get lost while searching for the perfect vaporizer.

The number of vaporizers in the market is comparable to the size of an ocean. The last thing you want is to be overwhelmed by endless streams of vapes while you research which type fits your preferences. The major characteristics an individual favours in a vaporizer include charging duration, battery life, cost, maintenance, portability and many other factors. If you require a small and travel-ready device, you should narrow your options to a dab or vape pen. These are both great options for beginners and experienced smokers.

What Is A Vape Pen

In this post, we will explore what vape and dab pens are, their various components, the similarities between the two and of course, the differences.

Read on to discover more about dab pens and vape pens.

What is a Vape Pen?

For many years, people were limited to smoking only flowers and harsh buds. Today, however, an overwhelming number of extractions dominate the marijuana market.

A vape pen is a discreet, battery-powered device that is designed to smoke vape carts (cannabis oil cartridges) or cannabis flowers in style and comfort. Also known as E-cigarettes, this device functions by heating a liquid containing ingredients like nicotine and flavouring. Instead of burning the e-liquid or cannabis concentrate, vape pens will vaporize these substances to produce vapour and not smoke. Because of their convenience and the absence of smoke, most cannabis consumers favour vaping over smoking.

Vape pens have grown increasingly popular over the years, and are now the most sort after item from dispensaries after cannabis flowers. The main reasons for this growing prominence are because of the portability, affordability, and ease of use of vape pens. But although these devices have majorly advantageous characteristics, some cannabis fans prefer to use Dab pens instead because they offer more potent hits.

What is a Dab Pen?

A Dab pen, much like a vape pen, is a portable vaping tool designed to consume unspecified amounts of cannabis concentrates. Unlike a traditional dab rig, a dab pen is much easier to use, offers more portability and convenience, and lasts for a long time without excessive maintenance.

A dab rig requires the use of multiple accessories and open flames, which contrasts with a dab pen, which relies solely on electronic energy to heat the concentrate. These pens go by several names, an example of which is Wax pen or wax vaporizer.

However, these terms refer to the same thing with just some minute differences. Although dab pens are relatively new to the cannabis industry, they function essentially the same way as their counterparts. Their mechanism also involves heating a cannabis concentrate until it becomes vapour and is inhaled by the user.

Components of Vape and Dab Pens

Both vape and dab pens are equipped with similar components that make it possible to vaporize the cannabis product. These parts include;

  • Charger: most vape and dab pens come with a portable USB cord that charges the lithium battery.
  • Battery: the batteries of dab and vape pens are mostly rechargeable and made from lithium-ion.
  • Atomizer: this is the part of the device that contains the wick and heating coil. It is the place where the vapour is produced.
  • Chamber: this part of the device is responsible for holding the flower buds or concentrates.
  • Mouthpiece: from the name, this is the portion of the device where you inhale the vapour.
Components Of Vape And Dab Pens

Similarities Between Dab Pens vs Vape Pens

Above, we discussed a few similarities between dab and vape pens. Among these included their portability and mechanism of action.

Below are the similarities between these two devices;

  • Both dab and vape pens turn cannabis products into vapour using heat. The vapour produced is then inhaled by the user
  • Vape pens and dab pens are portable devices that allow you to vape cannabis products conveniently
  • Both of these devices contain temperature settings that allow you to select your preferred temperature
  • They both vaporize cannabis products (flowers, oil extracts, concentrates etc.)
  • Dab and vape pens have strong battery life and use electronic energy to heat the concentrate
  • Because of their compact sizes, both dab pens and vape pens are suitable for travel
  • They come in various sizes, shapes, and styles making it possible for the average customer to find a device suited to their aesthetic.

Differences Between Dab Pens vs. Vape Pens

Although they both have similar qualities, dab pens and vape pens have different characteristics that set them apart from one another.

These separate qualities are what make each pen unique in its own right.

Let’s explore their differences below.

I.Heat Usage

A major difference between dab and vape pens is the kind of heating they use. On one hand, vape pens use convection heating, which uses hot air to vaporize its contents – flower or cannabis oil. In the best vape pens, there are ceramic coils that prevent direct contact between the e-liquid and the hot air. This feature prevents the release of harmful chemicals because the processes of combustion and carbonization are impeded. Due to the added safety of convective heating, the importance of vape pens in the medical world has seen a significant rise.

Dab pens, on the other hand, use conduction heating, which heats the cannabis substance directly. This is the main reason why dab pens produce a ‘burnt’ flavour, which isn’t so great for your health.

Fortunately, as dab pens have higher potency, there is a decrease in prolonged use, which in turn reduces the risk of exposure. It is possible, however, to dab without a burnt flavour. Good quality dab pens are capable of delivering a rich flavour with a nice clean burn.


Another difference between dab and vape pens is the effects they produce. Dab pens deliver a higher potency than vape pens; however, this extra intensity isn’t for everybody.

Sometimes, the high from dabs is too much to handle for those who don’t consume cannabis regularly.

Nevertheless, dabbing is a preferred choice for many people, especially those with sensitive lungs, who can get the full effect of the cannabis concentrate by using a single dab.

Vape pens, due to their low intensity, are more suited to casual use.

III.Device Accessories

Not long ago, a sure way to distinguish vaping and dabbing was the devices used. Today however, these two methods are beginning to look increasingly similar. If you want true convenience and portability, then vape pens are the most suitable choice. Their familiar pen-like shape makes them easy to hold and store away from view.

Traditional dab rigs used a technique known as hot knifing. This technique involved a user heating a knife and touching it to the wax to vaporize the substance.

For evident reasons, this was an inconveniently dangerous method. But today, dab pens are more friendly looking. Like vape pens, dabs are portable, convenient and, of course, much safer than their ancestors.

IV.Temperature and Substance

When distinguishing vapes and dabs, it is important to mention the substances used in the devices. A dab pen uses cannabis concentrates like wax, budder or shatter, all of which require high temperatures to be converted into an inhalable vapour. And since high temperatures require significant power inputs, a dab pen must be equipped with the best battery to support the pen’s functionality.

Vape pens use cannabis flower or oil extracts and operate at lower temperatures – 315⁰F to 365⁰F, while dabs can heat from 315⁰F to 900⁰F.

A picture to quickly understand the difference between vape pen and dab pen

Which is Better, Vape Pens or Dab Pens?

Choosing either a dab or vape pen should be dependent on several factors.

For one, you should consider what type of product you prefer. If you’re more of a flower or oil vaper, then you should go for a dry flower vape pen or cartridge vape depending on your preference. If concentrates are more your style, then dab pens will serve you greatly.

Another factor to consider is what you hope to get out of the experience. If you’re searching for a milder vaping experience, then vape pens will be a great choice. Furthermore, it is easier to work with flowers and oil extracts than sticky concentrates. You’ll be able to refill your vape chamber or switch the cartridge without much fuss.

In addition, vapes are perfect for new cannabis consumers. A vape pen offers a lighter hit than dab pens, which are perfect for experienced vapers who prefer a stronger hit. Therefore, your decision rests solely on what you feel is best for YOU. This is why knowing the differences between Vape and Dab Pens is important.