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Here you can see some frequently asked questions about cartridge-filling machines.

1. How long is the warranty period of the machine? What about the after-sale service?
  • The warranty period for all machines is 24 months from the purchase. If having any problem during the use, you can contact us by information or video call any time.
2.Is the machine suitable for filling very thick oil?
  • The machine caters to CBD/THC thick oil. There is a heating system inside, which can fully heat to ensure rapid flow. You can check the test video uploaded on our website.
3.What is the capacity of the machine oil drum?
  • Regarding different models, the oil tank capacity ranges from 300ml to 3000ml. In addition, we support customizing the oil tank capacity.
4. How to clean the machine?
  • Most of the oil tanks are externally hanging, which can be taken down directly by cleaning. If not taken down, it can be directly injected with alcohol and water, setting cleaning times to complete automatic cleaning.
5.What is the oil filling speed of the machine?
  • As for the automatic semi-automatic models, oil filling efficiency is 1000-1500pcs per hour, and automatic and five-head filling machine filling efficiency can reach 3000-4500pcs per hour.
6.How soon can the order be shipped?
  • Except full-auto CBD filling machine, other models can be shipped within 5-7 days. And AFM-01, AFM-07, and AFM-10 models can be shipped within 24 hours,
7.If the machine can be customized?
  • We fully support customization, including appearance, boot interface and function.
8.What is the filling accuracy?
  • The oil filling precision of ±0.01 is the highest in the industry.
9.Is it easy to operate?
  • Our machine operation design principle refers to the principle of a point-and-shoot camera. You can start the oil in two steps, so the operation is simple. And that will pleasantly surprise you.

Want to See Our Machine More Videos in Action?

Please go to our Youtube or Our website videos page,
a batch of videos about how our machines work.


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