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Afancy Technology Industry Co., Ltd is in Shenzhen, the global hub for e-cigarette research and manufacturing. We do research, make products, and sell them. We have been doing this since 2014 and have almost ten years of experience.

Afancy commits to providing customers with everything they need for vaping. Sales include CBD vape cartridges, disposable pens, packaging, filling machines, and capping machines. Our filling equipment is designed to meet all of our customers’ needs for heating systems.

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Our best Selling Vape cart filling machine

You can see our best-selling cartridge-filling equipment here. These products have different application scopes, making it easier to meet your diversified needs.


AFM-11 Auto Robo Filling Machine

Large oil tank capacity 3000ml
Easy to clean and operate
Oil tank with agitator perfect for filling thick oil
For different kinds of CBD cartridges and disposable pens

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AFM-10 5 Heads Auto Filling Machine

Easy to clean and operate
Unique material, fast heating speed
High-efficiency 5 oil filling needles
Filling many kinds of flavors at the same time

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AFM-07 Smart Filling Machine

High Oiling Precision: ±1%
Easy to clean and operate
3 Temperature Control Systems
Oil Tank Capacity Customize available
For different kinds of CBD cartridges and disposable pens

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AFC-10 Intelligent Auto Filling and Capping Machine

High Oiling Precision: ±1%
Large oil tank capacity of 5000ml
High-efficiency: one machine finishes filling and capping

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Why Choose our vape cartridge filling machine?

  • With nearly ten years of experience in the vape industry, we know customer needs well and have a keen insight into market trends.
  • As one of the leaders in the CBD machine industry, we are differentiated, unique, and highly competitive.
  • Serving more than 1200 customers, we have an enthusiastic and professional team that can quickly respond to customer needs.
  • With strong ODM ability, we have customized and developed exclusive machines for many companies.
  • We provide a one-stop solution for filling and capping CBD cartridges and disposable pens.
  • Fast delivery: We can deliver some machines within 24 hours, and most of them within 7 days.

Mike Guo

Afancy chief engineer with 25 years of machinery industry experience

  • Invented and created the first CBD filling and screwing capping machine in the vape industry
  • Vice President of Guangdong Machinery Industry Engineers Association
  • Mike has always committed himself to improving the level of mechanical equipment. He aims to create a first-class oiling and capping machine. It will help customers achieve convenient and efficient oiling and capping.
Semi Automatic Vape Cartridge Filler
Automatic Vape Cartridge Filling Machine

What Our Clients Say…

Good for what you pay for. I bought the upgraded version, and I love it! The machine arrived in perfect condition.

G. Wilson

Very nice and easy-to-use machine. I have no complaints, and I recommend this product to fill any cart and disposable.

Daniel Thielen

The product is as described, and it is a 50 ml barrel time saver! So if you’ve got thick oil to work with, that’ll help. It’s kinda pricey.

Charles D. Collier

The machine complies with what it promises in the publication. It is in very good condition, easy to use, and precise when dosing. I really liked it. And I will buy another one that I need.

Kent Kennon

The machine arrived in perfect condition. I am so glad I bought Afancy Upgrade (machine only). It was so easy to assemble and easy to use. It comes with a booklet showing you what temperature to set for different materials.

Carol N.

It worked pretty well, with excellent product quality and construction using high-quality materials. The shipping was fast, and the description accurately matched the seller’s information.

Tom D.

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