AFM-16 Stereoscopic Manual CBD Oil Vape Filling Machine

Automation Level: Semi-automatic
Dispensable Volume Range: 0.2-7ML
Oil tank capacity: 1200ML
Dispense Accuracy: 1%
Work efficiency: 700-1300 pcs per hour
Power supply: AC100V-120V;AC200V-240V
Fit fot item diameter: above 2mm
Display screen size:4.3 inch

Key Feature:
1. Elf 510 Hemp CBD Oil Auto Filling Machine is for all kinds of oil, from thc and delta-8 to delta-9 and cbd oil extract to vape juices and cbd hemp oil.
2. AFM-16 is the newest manual CBD oil vape filling machine.
3. Best vape atomizer liquid cbd heating filling machine filling machine