Types of Cannabis Vape Cartridges

The cannabis industry continues to grow. As of publication, it’s estimated that around 147 million people consume cannabis and cannabis-based products globally. One of the most common ways of taking cannabis is through a vape cartridge, or vape cart as they’re also called. 

If you’re new to using cannabis, it’s wise to get acquainted with the different types of cannabis vape cartridges currently on the market. Each vape cart offers something unique, whether it be regarding size or flavor potency. 

Keep reading to learn more about the types of cannabis vape cartridges on the market, including how long vape cartridge oils last. Knowing the differences between cannabis vape cartridges can help you determine which one is best suited for you and your preferences. 

What is a Cannabis Vape Cartridge?

Are you interested in vaping CBD or THC? If so, getting the right cannabis vape cartridge is important. Check out this guide for tips!

Before we get started on the different kinds of vape cartridges, you may be asking, “What is a vape cartridge?” 

Cannabis vape cartridges (also commonly called weed carts) are part of a vape pen that holds cannabis oil. The cartridge is usually a small glass tube that, once heated, allows the oil inside to vaporize so it can be inhaled. 

Cannabis vape carts can look different depending on who manufactures them. While most are glass, some are ceramic or stainless steel. This is an important factor to keep in mind because different materials will alter the flavor of the cannabis oil. 

That being said, cannabis vape cartridges will generally always be translucent so you can see the oil inside. Furthermore, these vape carts can either be bought pre-filled or empty for you to fill and then refill yourself. Pre-filled cartridges are the most popular. 

Now that we’ve covered what a cannabis vape cartridge is, let’s cover the next most frequently asked question about them. 

Is Cannabis the Same as CBD? 

One of the most commonly asked questions beginner weed users ask is if cannabis is the same as CBD. And the answer is sort of. 

Both cannabis and CBD are closely related. This is because they come from the same plant! Cannabis, more commonly known as marijuana, is a type of plant. This plant – Cannabis sativa – contains a compound called cannabidiol, or CBD. 

Marijuana plants also contain a compound called THC. When the marijuana plant containing THC is inhaled or ingested, it creates a high. CBD, on the other hand, does not. So even though CBD comes from a marijuana plant, it does not contain any psychoactive properties. This is why CBD is generally used to relieve symptoms of anxiety, whereas marijuana is used to generate feelings of euphoria. 

Both THC and CBD-based products can be inhaled with the help of a vape cartridge. 

Types of Common Vape Cartridges

Generally speaking, there are three types of cannabis vape cartridges to choose from: 510 threads, disposables, and pods. Here’s an overview of each so you can know the pros and cons: 

Disposable Vape Cartridges

Disposable vape cartridges are good for single use. Commonly bought at a local convenience store, they are ready to go from the moment you open the packaging. 

With a disposable vape pen, all of the components are attached. In other words, you would not be able to refill the vape cartridge to change the oil. Though these are incredibly cheap to purchase (usually anywhere from $14.99 – $40), they have a short shelf life. In most cases, you’ll be done with this in a day or two. 

510 Thread Vape Cartridges

In regards to the vape cartridge itself, you’ll likely be using a pre-filled 510-thread vape cartridge. This is the most common type of cartridge sold on the market because they tend to work with all types of batteries. You won’t have to buy a specific one from a specific manufacturer for everything to work. 

Unlike its disposable counterpart, a 510-thread vape cartridge tends to be a lot cheaper in the long run. This is because you’re not throwing them out after each use. These carts typically last about a month to a month and a half. 

As briefly mentioned above, you can either buy a pre-filled or empty cartridge. A 510-thread vape cartridge can either come pre-filled or you can refill them yourself. 

Pod Vape Cartridges

Pods are usually the least popular form of vape carts on the market. They are usually only compatible with their manufacturer. This means if the battery dies out, you can’t just run to the store and buy a replacement. 

Pods generally keep you with one brand and that’s it. However, if you prefer that, then this can be a great option! This is why it’s so important to understand what you like! 

Types of Cannabis Vape Cartridge Oils

If you're in the market for a new cannabis vape cartridge, consider what kind of coil it has. This will elevate your vaping experience.

Now that we’ve got the history a little out of the way, let’s go over the main topic. What are the different types of pre-filled cannabis vape cartridge oils available? 

There are five popular types of pre-filled weed carts available to you. These include: 

  • Live Resin
  • Distilled
  • Full-Spectrum
  • CO2
  • Rosin

While each product will offer the same result, they each have unique features about them, including how potent the flavor of cannabis oil is. Here’s a deeper overview of each weed cart:

Live Resin

Live resin is the go-to choice for cannabis users who want to taste the product. Known for offering bold flavor, live resin pre-filled vape carts contain cannabis that was immediately frozen after it was harvested. Doing so helps lock in the cannabis’ natural flavor. 

Retaining this strong, natural flavor isn’t always possible with other methods. This is because the natural marijuana flavor will dissipate during a stereotypical drying process. Keep in mind that live resin cartridges will cost you a bit more money than other options. 


Distillate is one of the more popular types of pre-filled vape carts. Like alcohol that goes through a distillery, distillate vape carts do not contain unnecessary substances. The plus side to this is that distillate carts contain a lot of THC. The downside is that the distillery process removes terpenes, which help give weed its flavor. Furthermore, distillate vape carts contain artificial flavors. 

Though progress has been made to preserve flavor, distillate vape carts are good for those who want to get high and fast. That being said, heavy users may not feel the full intended effect as much as beginners. As such, distillate pre-filled vape carts may be better suited for beginners.


With full-spectrum products, you’re getting just that: the full spectrum of the product. Full-spectrum contains all of the compounds, so nothing has been removed during the extraction process. This results in a powerful and flavorful result. 

Because of this, full-spectrum cannabis oil tends to be more expensive than other products. If you’ve been dealing with insomnia or anxiety, this product can offer you quick relief. 


CO2 is considered to be the cleanest method of extracting cannabis oil. Carbon dioxide is liquified and then used to extract the oil from the cannabis plant. This method allows cannabis to keep its natural flavor instead of injecting artificial ones. 

Because of the method used, the price tag for these pre-filled vape carts is usually pretty high (up to $50 for 1.2 grams of oil). 


Rosin is one of the lesser-popular forms of pre-filled cannabis vape carts. However, they contain the purest form of cannabis due to how it’s extracted. 

During the extraction process, heat is applied to the cannabis plant. This means you’re getting oil directly from the plant. Think of this as a similar process to squeezing the juice out of an orange. Unfortunately, like an orange, this extraction process doesn’t yield a lot of oil. 

Furthermore, because this oil comes directly from the plant, it has the strongest natural flavors. Opting for this type of pre-filled vape cart depends on your flavor preferences. If you don’t like the strong natural taste of cannabis, then this option is likely not for you. 

Tips for Choosing the Right Cannabis Vape Cartridge

Click here for a helpful guide on how to choose the right type of cannabis vape cartridge.

If you’re ready to buy a cannabis vape cartridge, here are some helpful tips to ensure you’re picking the right one:

Consider the Quality of Cannabis Oil

Is the cannabis oil thick? Is it dark? Does it taste like the flavor you selected or is it bitter? Quality cannabis oil will be thick, light in color (usually gold), and flavorful. If it’s dark or bitter, it’s not good quality. 

Only Buy From a Licensed Dispensary or Trusted Partner

Sometimes, vape carts get into the wrong hands. And, what you think you’re buying may not be what you’re buying. A good example of this is buying a name-brand vape cart only to discover that it doesn’t contain name-brand oil. 

Unfortunately, things like this are common when you buy them from the wrong person. However, they’re not common when you buy from a licensed dispensary. Buying from the right place can guarantee quality and safety!

Find Out What Kind of Coil the Vape Cart Has

Before you buy a vape cart, you should find out what kind of coil it has. The coils are what heat the oil. Choosing the right one can be the difference between a good vape experience and a bad one. 

All of this usually comes down to what kind of pre-filled vape cart you’re going for. While ceramic coils are best for distillate carts, one made of titanium is best if you’re consuming pure THC. 

How Long Does a Cannabis Vape Cart Last?

Generally speaking, a cannabis vape cart can last anywhere between one to two weeks. 

The average user takes three-second long puffs. Vape carts typically contain anywhere from .5 – 1 grams of cannabis oil, which comes out to about 315 puffs. Keep in mind that this number is just an estimate. The longer your puffs, the quicker you’ll need to refill your vape cartridge. 

Flavors of Vape Cart CBD Oil

Whether you’re opting for THC or CBD-based oil, the good news is that you’ll have your choice of flavors to pick from. 

Some of the best cannabis oil flavors to pick from include: 

  • Strawberry
  • Peach
  • Blueberry
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Watermelon
  • Banana
  • Pineapple
  • Apple
  • and many more! 

Finding the Right Vape Cartridge Can Make or Break Your Cannabis Experience, So Choose Wisely!

Understanding the differences between the kinds of cannabis vape cartridges available on the market can be incredibly useful in having the best responsible vaping experience. 

That being said, it might take you some trial and error to figure out what you truly like. So go ahead, try some things out, and see what works best for you. With this guide, you’ll be better equipped in determining which one you should start with.