Vaping Device Problems and How to Fix Them

To many, vaping is an enjoyable and relaxing experience incomparable to any other activity.

It is a perfect way to relax after the stress of a hectic workday or just for the fun of it, on weekends.

However, when unwanted and unpleasant issues thwart this phenomenal event, the activity can quickly turn into a terrible mess.

When such problems arise, as a vaper, your first thought might be to purchase a new vaping device.

Still, there might be no actual need to replace the vape. Sometimes your troubles can be as simple as a rusty battery.

This article compiled a list of common vape problems that could arise from usage.

Read on to discover more.

Vaping Device Problems For beginners:

With all the numerous parts comprising an E-cigarette, it is little wonder why most beginners get perplexed when using the device.

Knowing the workings of a vaping device is no doubt a hassle, but to avoid you looking like a vape virgin, we have compiled a list of the most common vape problems beginners face and ways to fix them.

1. Ignoring the instructions

This is a popular issue among new vapers.

Similar to how many people avoid reading the terms and conditions of a new application, they tend to apply the same habit to their recently purchased vaping device.

But even though the most comfortable option is to disregard the instruction manual and skip to vaping, it is best to familiarise yourself with your new kit.

Instructions have their importance, and ignoring them will damage your device and cause you to be deeply frustrated.

2. Failing to Activate the Battery

Another common issue among first-time vapers is not activating their batteries.

Many times, people end up tearing their hair out in frustration because their E-cigarette wouldn’t work.

Yet, a simple reason for their dilemma is that they merely failed to turn on the device.

After the initial battery charge, remember to power up your E-cig.

Usually, the process involves rapidly pressing the power button five times to activate the battery (check your manual for the precise instruction), then you’re good to go.

3. Not Charging The Batteries

Although an obvious thing to do, you will be baffled to discover the number of vapers who forget to charge their batteries.

As is the case with every electronic device, no power equals no function.

Therefore, to avoid this error, make it a habit to charge your battery, and if you are the forgetful type, ensure you carry a fully charged backup with you.

4. Vaping is not Smoking

Vaping is not Smoking

Sometimes people who transition from smoking to vaping carry along their previous inhalation technique with them.

That long, harsh drag that fills the mouth with as much smoke as possible.

This technique needs adjustment because vaping requires a gentle, steady draw to give the device time to function.

If you treat an E-cig like a traditional cigarette, be prepared for flooded atomizers and also possible leaks.

Because E-cigarettes deliver more nicotine than other standard counterparts in fewer draws, there is no need to overdo it.

The life expectancy of your atomizer head is reduced by heavy drawing, so take your time to adapt to vaping.

5. Overfilling the Vape Tank

Overfilling the Vape Tank

Many vapers make the error of overfilling their tank at some point.

This mistake causes a variety of problems like cue spitting, leakages, gurgling, and even poor vaporization of the E-liquid.

When filling your tank, make sure to follow the exact instructions written in your manual.

Pay attention to the kind of atomizer your model has—either a top filling tank or a bottom filling tank, and refill accordingly.

Afterwards, remember to fasten all the unscrewed parts to avoid leakages.

6. Forgetting to turn off the battery unit

This is a simple but hazardous error common among amateur vapers.

Forgetting to turn off the battery unit after use will burn the atomizer, kill the battery and potentially waste the e-liquid.

To prevent any of these outcomes, don’t forget to turn off your device’s battery after usage.

General Vaping Problems

1. Unable to Detect The Atomizer

Due to several reasons, you might be unable to detect your atomizer.

For one, your terminal could be dirty and require cleaning.

Your coil might be loose or filthy, and even the tank can be too tight on the mod and require you to loosen it.

Additionally, your tank might be misaligned with other vape components because of dropping or knocking around.

This problem usually requires repair or replacement.

2. My Vape Device Won’t Turn On

There are two possible reasons for this.

One, the battery is devoid of power. For most E-cigs, there is an indicator light that flashes when you attempt to switch them on without power.

The second reason pertains to the tank. Whether it is properly screwed onto the battery or not.

If the tank is displaced, the circuit will be incomplete and power will not flow properly.

If you have a mod with replaceable batteries, and you discover that your vape doesn’t hold a charge anymore, your batteries may have reached their limit.

The typical solution to this issue is to get some new batteries.

3. Fully Charged Battery, But My Vape Doesn’t Work

In this situation, it’s possible that you just haven’t switched on your device (by rapidly clicking the power button).

If this doesn’t work, then check if the battery is properly screwed and remove your tank to check the tiny pin at the superior portion of your battery.

This part might have sustained damage from before, and will not be able to connect properly to your tank’s base and carry power.

Finally, if you replace your coil, and it has a higher or lower resistance than your device, your battery will prevent any charge from flowing through.

Before replacing your coil, make sure it is the right one for your vaping device.

4. Leaking Vape Device

Usually, when this happens, the simple explanation is you overfilling your tank or not assembling the parts properly.

Reduce the amount of liquid used during refilling and reassemble your device carefully.

Other problems are related to:

  • The O-rings and seals, which need cleaning and replacement.
  • The tank which has  a fracture at the end caps.
  • The e-liquid thinning out due to exposure to direct heat, resulting in leakage with the airflow.

To stop your coil from flooding, try increasing your vape’s power.

Furthermore, you should stick to VG (vegetable glycerin) instead of PG (propylene glycol) liquids if your coil is low resistance.

5. Spitting/Gurgling Sounds

When using your e-cig, there should be no obvious sounds coming from it.

A gurgling sound is an indication of excess vape juice. To stop this sound, lower the amount of e-liquid you put into the gadget.

To eliminate the excess e-liquid from the coil, remove the mouthpiece and flick the vape.

For accuracy, soak the disassembled parts in warm water to clear any remaining liquid.

Afterwards, dry them thoroughly before reassembling the tank.

Other causes include insufficient cotton in the coil, forceful exhalation, and damaged cartridge or evaporation.

6. Sore Throat

Getting a sore throat after vaping is likely an effect of a higher PG to VG content.

Because vapes with higher PG are intended for people who want more potent throat hits, some vapers will find the potent liquid overwhelming.

A simple treatment is to drink water. However, to stop the problem permanently, you should switch to an E-cig with higher VG content.

7. Burnt Vape Taste

This is a very common and easily fixed concern that every vaper has encountered at least once.

Potential solutions include:

  • Checking the atomizer’s liquid level. The reason for the burnt taste in your mouth could be that your atomizer is empty, and your vape isn’t burning anything.
  • A higher wattage than usual, which makes the oil burn excessively.
  • Checking if you need to replace your coil. When coils reach their limit, they produce a nasty burnt taste.

8. Dark E-liquid

All e-liquids eventually darken and expire, but if you store them properly in a cool, dark, and moist-free environment, they last longer.

Leaving your vape juice in your tank for prolonged periods and exposing it to heat, oxygen or ultraviolet light also causes it to darken.

Vape juices with higher nicotine content are susceptible to quicker oxidation. This causes your vape liquid to darken sooner.

9. Sucking The Vape Juice

This majorly occurs when you take a strong drag from your vape, causing you to suck the e-liquid before it can vaporize.

Keep your drags short and gentle with intermittent breaks.

The best things in life should be savoured tenderly, after all.

Prevention includes not vaping with a tilted head or while lying down. These positions will cause liquid to drip from your mouth.

10. Not Getting Enough Flavour

When this happens, try one or more of the following:

  • Blow gently through the tank. This gets the liquid flowing and releases the flavour
  • Drink water to flush your taste buds.
  • Clean your tank and connections.
  • Oxidation causes old vape juice in the device to degrade in flavour. Try replacing the liquid for the best result.