Disposable Vape Filling Machine

Since vape cartridges, pens, and pods have become increasingly popular, various vape disposable filling machines have also become more widely used. Our cartridge fillers can fill both nicotine-disposable cigarettes and CBD disposable pens.
Our filler machines work perfectly for disposable devices like 510 thread cartridges or pods like Stiiizy.
They are easily operated and flexibly applied to different sizes and capacity cartridges and disposables. Like filling 1ml to 5ml, our equipment can easily achieve it.

Your Reliable Disposable Vape Filling Machine Manufacturer

Welcome to us, your trustworthy manufacturer of Disposable Vape Filling Machines. We take pride in offering high-quality, innovative automatic and semi-automatic models, committed to meeting your filling needs in the vaping industry.

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afancy vape filling machine manufacturer

Get Your Unique Custom Disposable Vape Filling Machine

At our company, we dedicate ourselves to empowering our customers with tailor-made solutions. Imagine a Disposable Vape Filling Machine that matches your needs and brand identity. Introducing our custom service. You can shape every part of your machine. Change how it looks, starts up, and works.

Distinctive Appearance

Stand out in the market with a disposable vape filling machine that reflects your brand's personality. Choose colors, branding elements, and design features that resonate with your target audience.

Branded Startup Interface

Make a lasting impression from the moment your machine powers on. Customize the startup interface with your logo, tagline, or other branding elements to represent your brand.

Tailored Functionalities

Your business is unique, and so should be your Disposable Vape Filling Machine. Tailor functionalities to match your specific production processes, ensuring efficiency and seamless integration with your operations.

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Know About Afancy Disposable Vape Filling Machine

The Afancy Disposable Vape Filling Machine is an innovative solution for vape filling. This machine was designed to fill disposable vape cartridges with liquids like CBD, THC, and nicotine e-liquid. It is precise, efficient, and dependable.

AFM-12 Dexterous Handheld Filling Machine

AFM-12 Dexterous Handheld Filling Machine:

  • Suitable for CBD/THC/nicotine e-liquid/other liquids.
  • Flexible operation, compact and easy to carry.
  • Suitable for Cannabis growers, small and medium wholesalers, providing a one-stop oiling solution.
  • Can fill CBD/THC/510 Cartridge/Disposable Vape/Luer
  • Syringe/G5/CCELL/Vape pen/0.5ML/0.8ML/1.0ML/Delta 8/Delta 9, and more.
AFM-02 Smart Filling Machine:

AFM-02 Smart Filling Machine:

  • Supports filling CBD oil/nicotine liquid/water/juice/essential oil/perfume, etc.
  • Suitable for disposable vape/vape pod/tiny bottle, and other various containers below 20ml.
  • Easy to operate, with lifetime technical support.

AFM-03 6 Heads Customized E-Liquid Filling Machine:

  • Supports filling CBD oil/e-liquid/pharmaceutical/hand sanitizer, etc.
  • Suitable for CBD vape carts/vape pods/vape pens/small bottles.
  • PLC control and no air compressor needed.

This product is versatile and can be used to fill different types of vaping devices. It is compatible with nicotine disposable vapes, small bottles, CBD cartridges, disposable CBD vape pens, and other containers that hold less than 20ml.

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Why Choose Us

Exceptional Technology and Quality Control:

Our Disposable Vape Filling Machines go through strict quality control using advanced technology. This guarantees their stability and reliability.

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Diverse Selection of Automatic and Semi-Automatic Models: 

We have many options to meet different customer needs. You can choose a high-capacity automatic model or one that prioritizes operational flexibility.

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Customization Services: 

Recognizing the diverse needs of the vaping industry, Afancy offers customizable options. We offer customization services to meet each customer's unique business needs. You can customize this machine to meet specific demands. It can adjust filling volumes, incorporate specific features, and adapt to unique requirements.

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Technical Support and Training:

We not only provide excellent products, but also offer full technical support and training. This helps you maximize the benefits of our Disposable Vape Filling Machines.

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FAQ About Disposable Vape Filling Machine

What is a Disposable Vape Filling Machine?

The Disposable Vape Filling Machine is mainly used to fill disposable e-cigarette cartridges. It can fill vape cartridges with CBD, THC, nicotine e-liquid, and more. It enhances efficiency, precision, and consistency in the production of vape products.

What Liquids Can Be Filled Using a Disposable Vape Filling Machine?

The Disposable Vape Filling Machines are versatile. They can fill different liquids like CBD oil, THC oil, nicotine e-liquid, essential oils, and other vape solutions.

How Does a Disposable Vape Filling Machine Work?

These machines typically work by automating the filling process. Liquid fills the machine. It then puts exact amounts into each disposable vape cartridge. Automation ensures efficiency, accuracy, and consistency in the filling process.

When Choosing a Disposable Vape Filling Machine, What Features Should You Consider?

Key features include dispensable volume range, dispense accuracy, output capacity, power supply, control mechanism (PLC or touch screen), material compatibility, and customization options. Think about what your production process requires and the liquids you will use.

Can A Disposable Vape Filling Machine Handle Different Cartridge Types And Sizes?

Many Vape Filling Machines can handle different cartridge types, sizes, and designs. They are flexible. You should check the machine's specifications to make sure it works with your cartridges.

Is Customization Available For Disposable Vape Filling Machines?

We fully support customers in customizing, including appearance, startup interface, functions, etc. You can contact us to get the details.

What Safety Certifications Should A Disposable Vape Filling Machine Have?

It should be have a few tested reports of oil tank raw material and oil pump injections raw material, there is also need CE certification.

How Do I Maintain And Clean A Disposable Vape Filling Machine?

About Maintain:
When we ship out the machine, there is also a few accessories of the machine ship together.when machine need to replacement some parts, can use these accessories to do it.we also have videos for how to do it 

About Clean:
After using machine, first use warm water mix alcohol clean it, then use warm water clean it again. We have videos how to operation, it is very easy.

What Kind Of Warranty And Support Can I Expect With Afancy Disposable Vape Filling Machine?

All machine have 24 months warranty,If machine can’t use when you just received, can return it or we send another machine for you.

Where Can I Purchase A Disposable Vape Filling Machine?

You can purchase from our office website or our alibaba Platform website.